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Apr 07

NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Opening Night Saturday, March 25

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April 7, 2017


Bandelaro Bandits winner: Cody Kiemele, his first career win with the Bandelaro Bandits. He finished the race ahead of Bradan Conner by 1.775 seconds. Great job, Cody!

Bandelaro Outlaws winner: Dezel West He finished his race ahead of Camden Larsen by .450 of a second. Great racing!

USLCI Thunder Cars winner: Ron Reed, finished his race ahead of Ed Hohman by .667 of a second. He said that he remembered what he did a couple years ago, also thanked his son for helping him set up his car, and thanked his spotter for doing a great job. He said it is a family thing. That's right, keep it in a family. Great job guys!

NASCAR Super Stocks Feature winner: Robert Negrete finished his race ahead of Court Connell by .646 of a second. He was asked what the best part of the win. Just being out front! Wooh'd with excitement. First win, of a new season!

USLCI Legends feature winner: Michael Todd Glazier, finished his race ahead of Tyler Fabozzi by .076 of a second. To say he was happy about the win, would be a HUGE understatement. He was BEYOND thrilled! He began racing at the young age of 40, and he's now 47. Going strong! His advice is "If you ever get a chance to do this, do it." He's loving life, and he's happy where he's at.. In the end, that's all that matters.

Skid Plate Cars feature winner: Robert Smotherman, finished his race ahead of James Brazzeal by 3 laps. When it comes to Skid Plate Cars, Smotherman definatly has it figured out, and I love to watch him race, he makes it look so easy!!!!

NASCAR Grand American Modifieds feature winner: Doug Hamm, finished his race ahead of Aaron McMorran by nearly 4 seconds. He was wondering if he'd ever find the Winner Circle again, as it was his first win since April 18, 2015. Good things come to those who wait, and I'm a firm believer of this!

Race 8: NASCAR Bombers feature winner: Aaron McMorran, finished his race ahead of Sam Jacks by .295 of a second. He said that it's always fun to race against Jacks. When asked about him racing different races, he said he'd race anything, go-cart, barstools, whatever, he's just a guy that loves to race! I guess me and McMorran have some simularities. While I can't drive due to medical reasons, people often say "she'd watch a 3 legged race if she had to" That's true.

NASCAR Super Late Models feature winner: Peyton Saxton, finished his race ahead of Jay Beasley for his first career Super Late Models race! He says it was probably one of his best races, he was just hoping to go home in one piece! Great racing, Peyton!

Next Race is April 8th for Hometown Heros Night!

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